Harry's Restaurant

"The Mediterranean kitchen is one of the healthiest on the planet, and that's exactly what you are going to enjoy at Harrys".
-The Michelin Guide for the islands

"A true island favourite, set in its own garden of Eden, bursting with jasmine, roses, hibiscus and aromatic herbs. The divine home-cooking gives locally sourced, quintessentially Kalymnian ingredients a modern twist."
-The Lonely Planet

Evdokia & Maria!

Harry's team!

Tradition is very important for the kitchen here. With this always in mind, we believe that eating healthy becomes more interesting when there's a new take on it! Don't think big, complicated, showoff, marketing inspired. This is not the case here! Local, nutritious, home-made food by Evdokia (L) and Maria (R) to make you realize why the Mediterranean kitchen is known to be one of the healthiest!

It's not about long menus and endless lists either. Quantity and Quality stand on opposite sides of the culinary experience. This is down to Earth, traditional Greek island food, not the reading of the day. Actually, we don't even have menus! Our ladies cook whatever fresh and good they find in the village and by selected providers of the island.

And at the end, everyone finds their taste here!

Harry's Schedule 2022

Harry's Restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch everyday and also for dinners in Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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  1. Address: Emporios
  2. City: Kalymnos 852 00
  3. Check-In: ~12:00 pm
  1. Phone: +302243040062
  2. E-mail: info@harrys-paradise.gr
  3. Check-Out: ~11:00 am

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