My Parents Haralambos (Harry) and Alexandra met and got married in Australia. In 1969 they moved back to Kalymnos, where in 1979 they decided to have their own "paradise" in Emporios, where my father grew up and always loved to be. Working very hard year after year, they created out of a barren mountain what we are all now able to enjoy!

Our apartments block is located on the northern part of Kalymnos at a tranquil village called "Emporios" (pronounced "Em-bo-rios"). It is a lovely and picturesque small village with little houses and narrow alleyways. A few accommodations are available in Emporios as well as some cafes, tavernas and nice beaches located within walking distance from the village. The chapel of the village has a beautiful whitewashed bell-tower with a blue dome.

Emporios is the beginning as well as the destination of some of the most beautiful walking paths on the island! It is in walking/biking distance from many big and interesting rock-climbing sectors and hosts 3 of the most challenging ones: 'Styx', 'Francois Guillot' and 'Kastri'. Emporios is also an interesting sailing destination, offering shelter to a significant number of sailing boats every year. Most of these sailors come back often which is indicative of the quality of the place. One can enjoy other activities as well! Harry's Paradise has a yoga area inside the garden that you are welcome to use absolutely free! And hiking on the lovely Kalymnian mountains is an organized and safe activity, as we now enjoy professional support from businesses like The Kalymnos Experience! Emporios bay is also a lovely spot for SUPs as it is a quiet bay without major marine traffic. Sailing and little fishing boats is the norm here.

The people of Emporios are genuine, open-handed, warm-hearted people who will try to make your stay unforgettable. No wonder why some people who come here again and again consider us a piece of heaven on earth!


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Under the responsibility to provide carefree holidays in our protected apartments for our guests and a safe workplace for our staff, we are delighted to announce that Harry’s Paradise is certified with the National "Health First" Certification by the Greek Ministry of Tourism! A new certification seal, attesting that our hotel adheres to the Health Protocols against COVID-19.

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  1. Address: Emporios
  2. City: Kalymnos 852 00
  3. Check-In: ~12:00 pm
  1. Phone: +302243040062
  2. E-mail:
  3. Check-Out: ~11:00 am

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